RemodelingVisit our showroom and you will find a large selection of kitchen and bath products on display and experienced salespeople to help with product selection and design needs. No matter what your style we can find the products to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

Our specialty is remodeling. Our estimators and designers have had years of experience with remodeling existing homes and the many challenges they present. Whether you choose to do the install work yourself or our installers, our experts can help.

What if you want an estimate for a full remodel job? Well, what we do is send an estimator out to your house to measure the room and locate items such as water supply, drains, vent stack, type of floor, type of walls (plaster or drywall) and many other small details that could affect the outcome of a successful remodel. Then, the estimator meets with a design salesperson to go over the room information and we have you come to our showroom to select products. After the selections are made, we will propose a contract to tear out and install your selections. You will have one contract to sign. We do everything else. And one of the best things when you choose us for your remodel project is the protection you receive working with a reputable, licensed contractor. This is our business. We do kitchens and baths only. No roofs, gutters, windows, driveways. Well, you get the picture. We stay with what we know and do the job right.